NYMBURK 27.6.2020
Výstaviště Lysá nad Labem


Entry fees for visitors and competitors


Adults, age 15+

100,- CZK

Penzioners, handicapped

50,- CZK


50,- CZK

student´s card needed to be shown

Kids up to age 15 free of charge


Adults, in advance online entry

50,- CZK

unlimited number of models or categories

Adults, entry at the site

100,- CZK

Kids up to age 15 free of charge

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22.04.2020 This is to inform all fellows Kit Saloon Nymburk 2020 has been rescheduled for June 2021. There is no threat of collision with Modellbrno show as a deal with Modellbrno organizers has been made in this matter. You have therefore plenty of time to build new models that you would display at KSN 2021 s… Full text of the article

Eduard trophy

05.03.2020 Starting today the "News" section update for 2020. Eduard company award, so called "Vote of the bold man", will be given to authors of both propeller and jet driven aircraft model. The prizes shown here seem to be worth having so there will be certain reason to grapple for them. Full text of the article

Results, galleries, articles

28.06.2018 Some statistics: 730 models of adult competitors plus 124 models of youngsters up to age 15 on display. 274 competitors took part in. Czech youngsters nationals hosted 63 models. Off-competition Czechoslovak air force models display stand hosted 24 aircraft models. Prosek Panthers plastic mod… Full text of the article
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