NYMBURK 16.6.2018
Výstaviště Lysá nad Labem


Are you a trader? Here is a form for booking vendor´s place in *.zip file to download. You can submit either the *.pdf form or *.docx form in case your PC doesn´t work with pdf files properly.

Access to the VLL premises for traders:

Parking places for trader´s cars or vans are just next to the hall C in a secured exhibition grounds area.

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28.06.2018 Some statistics: 730 models of adult competitors plus 124 models of youngsters up to age 15 on display. 274 competitors took part in. Czech youngsters nationals hosted 63 models. Off-competition Czechoslovak air force models display stand hosted 24 aircraft models. Prosek Panthers plastic mod… Full text of the article

Workshop Marian Bunc

31.05.2018 Another workshop by Marian Bunc (Sirahobby) is aimed at AFVs builders. Marian is going to perform how to create weathering on multi-layer camouflage. Full text of the article

We are ready!

29.05.2018 We, Victorias Gold, acting as awards in Kit Saloon Nymburk basic categories, are ready. And what about you? This is how we looked from above (Sláva Vaňous video). Full text of the article
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