NYMBURK 16.6.2018
Výstaviště Lysá nad Labem


Exhibitors/competitors can find online registration here. The online registration website will run until Thursday, June 14, 2018, 23:59 CET. If you submit your entries online you will pick up the entry card in the Saturday morning at entry desk. Optionally, you can submit your entries by yourselves at the entry desk on Saturday. Personal Saturday entries are accepted from 8 - 10 a.m. Please be aware only online entries are subjects of raffle in which the first three entries submitted online, then every fifth and very last entry submitted before the Thursday 14. deadline are raffled. Every eligible competitor wins!

Models with closed engine or gun covers, hatches etc. are allowed to enter in categories A3, A4, A5, A8, A9, A10, B5 and B6. However, any photo-etched or PUR components can be used. Aircraft models with canopy covers left open, extended flaps or slots and deflected control surfaces are allowed to enter as well.

List of basic categories can be found here.

IPMS NYMBURK special awards:

BEST WINTER CAMO AWARD for both military vehicle and aircraft model in winter camouflage scheme, any scale

BEST TATRA VEHICLE awards for three models, any scale

BEST AIRCRAFT model from Aero Vodochody production lines, any scale

BEST BRITISH JET AWARD for a model of any post-war jet military plane developed in Great Britain

BEST BRITISH PROPELLED DRIVEN AIRCRAFT AWARD for a model of any propeller-powered military plane develope d in Great Britain during 1936 – 1960

DOC´S TROPHY for a model of the most super detailed airplane, any scale. Donated by Zdenek Sebesta

PEPIK TEJCEK TROPHY for a model chosen from category D1 and D2

MAREK MINCBERGR AWARD for any scale model related to the water environment

GOD WARRIORS AWARD for the best figurine, bust or vignette of a knight or a medieval warrior, any size. Donated by Jarda Kubat

WELL-ENDOWED NOSEART. Donated by Ales Kulich

PLANKS WIRED TOGETHER AWARD for WW I. aircraft models, any scale. Donated by Slava Vanous

Trophies for models chosen across categories of kids. Donated by Pepik Simon

Traders and supporters awards announced up to date:

ANNETRA company award for AMK (Avantgarde Model Kits) aircraft models both 1:72 and 1:48 scale

PLASTIC PLANET award for three eye-catching models in 1:35 scale throughout particular categories

ATTACK HOBBY KITS awards for three eye-catching models in 1:72 scale throughout particular categories

CZECH AIR FORCE COMMAND awards for three aircraft models marked with Czechoslovak/Czech national insignia, any type, any period, any scale

GREY WOLF MINIATURES award for the best figurine across particular categories

GOLEM ART award for figures chosen across particular categories

EDUARD award for a model chosen by Mr. Šulc, the company director

We do expect more awards of traders or partners to be announced during the contest. See the information/news section continuously.

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28.06.2018 Some statistics: 730 models of adult competitors plus 124 models of youngsters up to age 15 on display. 274 competitors took part in. Czech youngsters nationals hosted 63 models. Off-competition Czechoslovak air force models display stand hosted 24 aircraft models. Prosek Panthers plastic mod… Full text of the article

Workshop Marian Bunc

31.05.2018 Another workshop by Marian Bunc (Sirahobby) is aimed at AFVs builders. Marian is going to perform how to create weathering on multi-layer camouflage. Full text of the article

We are ready!

29.05.2018 We, Victorias Gold, acting as awards in Kit Saloon Nymburk basic categories, are ready. And what about you? This is how we looked from above (Sláva Vaňous video). Full text of the article
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